new monuments
KAM workshops 2013

The possibility of architecture to form utterances or to construct propositions through buildings organizes the thematic field of investigation for KAM workshop in-situ 2013, New Monuments.

Monumental architecture in the 20th century was largely rejected as opposed to an idealized concept of "life", as a static and conventional reference to a dead past that blocked the possibility of a flexible architecture. Nevertheless life and the monument, movement and immobilization are only opposed because they interact by defining one another through an infinite reflexion. The workshop will focus on this relation through the question of writing; writing will be examined in Chania as a form of architectural materiality. Material writing deserves a further study, especially today, as the proliferation of "built environments presented as deprived of any particular significance except their functionality" leaves the question of writing unaddressed; the built environment surrenders to a relation to the function it hosts as if this was its only natural background.

Whether 'form follows function' according to Sullivan's statement or whether buildings produce Venturi's advertisement-like monuments, architecture's writings are confronted -after the civilization of advertisement- with a different type of reading. Architecture as built text still designates an important area of investigation.


Studio hours, 22—26 Aug, 10:00—16:00, with Aristide Antonas, Kostas Manolidis, Michele Marchetti, Dimitris Tsakalakis, Robin Schuldenfrei, Stavros Vergopoulos and more guests. Workshop participants can remain at the studio everyday until 20:00.

Morning sessions, 22—24 Aug, 12:00—12:30 (in greek and english)
15' Tutorials: New InDesign documents, 3D shape outlines, Sketchup 3D shape unfolds, animated gifs, custom patterns, saddle stitch bookbinding and on-demand tutorials, with Eleni Spiridaki and Yannikos Vasiloulis. Round table: Ioanna Angelopoulou, Monuments of Humanity, Elina Axioti, Discursive Objects, Petros Moris, Infrastructural Sublime, Eva Papamargariti, Mo(nu)ments of Entropy, Petros Phokaides, Debates on Media and Architecture in the mid-1960s, Evi Sougkara, On Stairs.

Evening lectures (in english)
Robin Schuldenfrei, Small Monuments: Urban Materiality and Artifacts of Place, 22 Aug, 19:00
Adrian Lahoud, Post-Traumatic Stories, 23 Aug, 19:00
Aristide Antonas, Ruin and Function, 23 Aug, 19:30
Panayiota Pyla, Monumental Words, 24 Aug, 19:00
Michelle Marchetti, Building Representation, 24 Aug, 19:30

Open Jury and Exhibition, 26 Aug, 20:00, with Georgios Panetsos (coordinator), Yannis Aesopos, Elina Karanastasi, Panayiota Pyla, Alkistis Rodi, Vassiliki Petridou and Sophia Vyzoviti.

The workshop will be held at the Grand Arsenal in Chania. The participation fee is €350, including accommodation in Chania. Details about payment and accommodation will be provided along with the acceptance notice.

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KAM workshops were initiated in 2002 as a special way to think on what "architecture in a local frame" could mean; how architectonic investigations could be driven towards local phenomena. A determination to approach architecture as a site specific elaboration of the city’s “insignificant” places was the manifested declaration of the first two workshops curated by Aristide Antonas, Filippos Oraiopoulos and Ζafos Χagoraris. The third KAM workshop under the title “Paradigmata” was selected to represent Greece for the 9th architecture Venice Biennale. The term "κτιστό συμβάν" (built event) was later used in order to describe the particular architectonic area between a procedure and the procedure’s traces: a theatrical preparation of a built procedure, a work of tracing, and the procedure’s resultant traces were considered as equally important parts of the same constructive description of insignificant places. The projects are proposed as alternative views of the places, as constructed definitions of the insignificant spots.

In 2010 KAM workshops included the elaboration of some first reactions to the financial crisis that could drive the design of the following years; The Bankruptcy of Architecture was the title of this workshop, curated by Aristide Antonas and Stavros Vergopoulos. In the following year's issue The Value of Garbage (curated by Aristide Antonas and Yannis Stavrakakis), the workshop investigated architecture as a particular moment of a crisis of values. The particular Greek moment has already been read as an emblematic case: a further look to the bankrupted planet was operated through the relativity of the concept of value. Strong concepts were redefined, such as the concept of “reuse”. Last year’s workshop The Watched Field took place in Berlin and Chania: the narrative transformation of any locality to a non place, the international shape of its negation was in the center of the investigation.

Participants in KAM Workshops 2002-2012: Christina Achtypi • Andreas Angelidakis • Antoinetta Angelidi • Katerini AntonakakiDimitris AntonakakisSuzana AntonakakiAristide Antonas • Orestis Argyropoulos • Yannis Arvanitis • Angeliki Avghitidou • Elina Axioti • Bouki BabalouAndrea BalestreroEthel Baraona PohlLoukas Bartatilas • Iro Bertaki • Vassilis Bourdakis • Shumon BasarMichele Brunello • Riccardo Caldura • Aris Cohen • Elias Constantopoulos • Kostas Daflos • Alexios Dallas • Dimitris Dimitriadis • Dimos Dimitriou • Μatteo GhidoniDimitris GourdoukisPieterjan GrandryDivercityPanos Dragonas • Yannis Filis • Floater magazine • Angelos Floros • Anita Hackethal • Kostas Hadjikyriakou • Harikleia Hari • Vilma Hastaoglou • Fotini Lazaridou-HatzigogaLily Hibbert • Dimitris Issaias • Platon Issaias • Manuel Jorant Briquette • Nadia Kalara • Apostolos KalfopoulosElina KaranastasiValentina KargaKERNELZissis KotionisAndreas KourkoulasPanos Kouros • Katerina Koutsogianni • Lamb and Lamp • Vassiliki Leontari • Eva Manidaki • Fotini Margariti • Giorgos Marnelakis • Petros Martinidis • Polixeni Matziou • Kostis Mavrakakis • Petros Moris • Thanassis Moutsopoulos • Βert De Μuynck • Nikos Navridis • Ioannis Oikonomou • Filippos Oreopoulos • Georgios Panetsos • Panayotis Pangalos • Kostis Panigiris • Konstantinos Pantazis • Georgios Papadopoulos • Lois Papadopoulos • Spiros Papadopoulos • Titi Papadopoulou • Eva Papamargariti • Christos Papoulias • Nikos Patsavos • Lukas Pauer • Vassiliki Petridou • Lili Pezanou • Petros Phokaides • Marios Phocas • Angelo Plessas • Dimitris Polychronopoulos • Nathalie Pozzi • Panayiota Pyla • Point SupremeCaroline Raspé • Marianna Rentzou • Elpida Rikou • Alcystis Rodi • Lorenzo Romito • Rena Sakellaridou • Tassos Sakellaropoulos • Evi Sougkara • Eleni Spiridaki • Dimitris Stamatakis • Yannis Stavrakakis • Eva Stefani • Vassilis Stroumbakos • Vassiliea Stylianidou • Chrisanthi Sotiropoulou • Nikolas Travasaros • Dimitris Tsakalakis • Chrysostomos Tsimourdagkas • Yorgos Tzirtzilakis • Rea Valden • Aristomenis Varoudakis • Yannikos Vasiloulis • Stavros Vergopoulos • Vangelis VlahosMichael VlassopoulosAriadne Vozani • Maria Vrontisi • Sophia VyzovitiZafos Xagoraris • Giorgos Xiropaidis • Pegy ZaliYannis ZavoleasEric Zimmerman

KAM workshops 2013 is organised by the Architecture Syndicate, Co-organizing institution: KEPPEDIH-CAM, Curating & Coordination: Elina Axioti, Design: Lamb and Lamp. Supported by HU-Berlin, Institute of Art and Visual History, AUTH School of Architecture, University of Crete, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, School of Architecture, UTH Department of Architecture, University of Patras, Department of Architecture, MAiCh, Archisearch